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Thursday, May 29, 2014
  • Adelphic Mobile Taps IXI For Financial Data For Targeting

    Data provider IXI Services on Thursday announced it has partnered with Adelphic Mobile, a mobile demand-side platform (DSP). The partnership will give Adelphic clients … Read the whole story

  • Mag Bag: Conde Nast Circulates Native Ad Guidelines

    Conde Nast is circulating a wide-ranging set of rules, policies and guidelines governing native ads. The document, drawn up by described by Conde Nast … Read the whole story

  • Programmatic Spend Up Across The Board; Travel, Telecom Verticals Become More Competitive

    Marketers continue to spend more and more on programmatic advertising, but no channel is growing as rapidly as mobile. Marketers spent 109% more to … Read the whole story