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Monday, July 18, 2016
  • Mobile Supplants 'Fixed' Media As Dominant Source Of Online Video

    Mobile will replace "fixed devices," including desktop, as the dominant platform for accessing online video, according to a new forecast released this morning by ... Read the whole story

  • Facebook Integrates Instant Articles With Messenger

    For Facebook, the change is part of a bold effort to establish Messenger as a communication hub of Facebook-like proportions. Already, Messenger boasts more ... Read the whole story

  • ANA Poised To Issue 'Non-Transparency' Recommendations, Findings Scheduled For Noon

    The Association of National Advertisers is poised to release an "extensive set of recommendations designed to address non-transparent business practices" in the U.S. media-buying ... Read the whole story

  • Using Augmented Reality To Drive Social Success

    We asked a few sources to comment on whether Pokemon Go is indeed the breakthrough moment for augmented reality, as many observers are suggesting, ... Read the whole story

  • All Women, No Bots: The New Bridges Of Ashley Madison County

    Perhaps I'm not the right audience for these new Ashley Madison commercials, since I hold the (judgy, puritanical, overly binary?) belief that committed relationships ... Read the whole story

  • VH1, Advertisers 0

    On behalf of VH1 and the entire Viacom family of companies, permit me to express my concerns over the recent program-standards snafu. It seems ... Read the whole story