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Monday, February 10, 2020
  • Is The Coronavirus Making Advertising Sick?

    Amazon sellers are concerned that idle manufacturing facilities in China will interrupt supply chains. Those interruptions could eventually slow advertising spend. Read the whole story

  • Netflix Extends International Partnership With Liberty Global

    In pursuit of higher-potential global distribution, Netflix has extended its Liberty Global partnership, which will include 11 million subscribers in Europe. Read the whole story

  • Google Shopping Ads Coming To Gmail

    Google advertisers will have an option to buy Product Shopping ads and Showcase Shopping ads for Gmail campaigns beginning the week of March 4, ... Read the whole story

  • What Is Your Personal Data's Share Of Media Spending?

    After years of erosion, ad industry spending is beginning to gain share vs. the money consumers pay directly for media, especially in the U.S. ... Read the whole story

  • eMarketer Predicts 83 Million Smart Speaker Users This Year

    Amazon, with its Echo line of smart speakers, will account for 70% of users, with 32% using Google-branded devices and 18% using other brands. Read the whole story