Marketing Automotive Weekly
Monday, November 25, 2019
  • Land Rover Partners With John Mayer, 'The Atlantic'

    "We try to always do things that have a genuine, deeper connection than just paying for someone to show up," says JLR's Kim McCullough. Read the whole story

  • BMW Partners With Dairy Farms To Make Renewable Energy

    "That's not something you can do with lip service, just talking about sustainability and not really living up to it," says BMW's Uwe Dreher. Read the whole story

  • Racing Takes Center Stage At L.A. Auto Show

    Several automakers touted their racing programs and their link to performance in street-legal cars during the media days at Automobility LA. Read the whole story

  • Audi Offers Contest For Holidays

    "A high-technology new product like the Audi e-tron needs qualified testing that even Santa isn't quite ready for," Audi's Loren Angelo tells "Marketing Daily." Read the whole story

  • Musk Reveals Tesla's Futuristic Cybertruck At Glass-Shattering Event

    The demo went awry, with two cracked "armor glass" windows, as Tesla made its first foray into pickup trucks. Read the whole story

  • 79% Of New Car Buyers Prefer In-Car Tech Over Brand

    They would consider abandoning a favorite automaker or vehicle to get the latest smart technology, according to a study by GfK. Read the whole story