Marketing Automotive Weekly
Monday, January 9, 2023
  • Toyota Leads As World's Most-Searched-For Car Brand Based On Google Trends Data

    Google Trends data provides insights into the car brands consumers searched for most on Google in the past year, revealing trends in 155 countries … Read the whole story

  • Lexus Personifies Electricity In Newest Spot

    All the human activity captured on screen is powered by electricity, including a dancer wearing a light-up suit. Read the whole story

  • What Powers EV Buys: Status Grab Rather Than Altruism?

    Top factors influencing a potential EV purchase are actually status and aspirational concerns, according to a new GfK AutoMobility(R) report. Read the whole story

  • Automakers: Next Year, Get Thee To CES!

    Automakers who want to target a tech-savvy audience have yet to take full advantage of the veteran consumer extravaganza that is CES. Read the whole story

  • BMW Puts NA Media, Creative Assignments Into Review

    The German auto brand is also reviewing assignments for social media and CRM, a company spokesman confirmed today. Read the whole story

  • To Brand Or Not To Brand? That Is The Question

    Mountains of articles have been written about the weird/brilliant decision by Ford marketers to brand the electric SUV as a Mustang. Read the whole story