Marketing CPG Weekly
Friday, July 26, 2019
  • Jim Beam's 'Refreshionals'

    A new social-led campaign from Jim Beam highlights a real-life A/C technician, pool maintenance worker and refrigerator specialist to promote the Jim Beam Highball … Read the whole story

  • Stella Artois MIght Take You For Ride On Cool Speedboat

    Stella Artois launching its own flotilla of speedboats that will carry passengers on New York waterways from July 30 through August 2. Read the whole story

  • Kraft Heinz, TripAdvisor Apps Aim To Simplify Meal Plans, Reservations

    Meal Hero learns about users' preferences to create tailor-made recipe and shopping recommendations based on factors like preferred ingredients. Read the whole story

  • Amazon Sales Crush, But Profits Disappoint

    Sales are up a booming 20%, ahead of predictions. But all that free shipping takes an unexpectedly large bite out of the bottom line. Read the whole story

  • What's An Amazon Ad Worth? More Than You Think

    One study found that advertising on Amazon works much harder than some advertisers may give it credit for, and drives significant sales across other … Read the whole story

  • Brands Are Challenged By The Tech Ecosystem, Study Finds

    The average number of vendors being used by agencies, brands and publishers is 28, MadHive and AdLedger report. Read the whole story