Marketing CPG Weekly
Friday, May 21, 2021
  • Tom's Of Maine Polishes Its Purpose-Driven Edge

    Colgate-Palmolive is out to rejuvenate Tom's of Maine with new products, packaging and marketing. It's also beta-testing a D2C launch. Read the whole story

  • Harry's Invites Guys To Finally Spread Their Wings

    New ad reassures guys to go "Wings Up" as they gain confidence they've chosen the right deodorant product. Read the whole story

  • Budweiser Gets Its Holiday Cans In A Row

    There'll be red, white and blue designs for July 4, and winter holiday cans featuring Wilson, a one-and-a-half-year-old Saint Bernard from Colorado. Read the whole story

  • Poise Asks Women To Share 'Canfessionals'

    Women are retreating to the bathroom for "me time," from being on their phone (77%) to reading a book (30%). Read the whole story

  • Speaking Of 'Aha' Beverage Moments...Endlessly

    Video spots, OOH ads answer the question: How many ways can you integrate the letters in a brand name like Aha into everyday conversation? Read the whole story

  • E. & J. Gallo's High Noon Hard Seltzer Offers Benedictions

    "We want to tap into our consumer's naturally optimistic mindset, and 'Sun's Up' does just that," says E. & J. Gallo's Brandon Lieb. Read the whole story