Marketing CPG Weekly
Friday, July 9, 2021
  • Too-Blatant Marketing Move? Tums Promotes Spicy Foods Consumption

    Tums has teamed with spicy food connoisseur Sean Evans (YouTube's "Hot Ones") to promote foods "certified Tumsworthy." Read the whole story

  • Blue Bunny Teams With Designer Nate Berkus To Aid Ice Cream Parlors

    Brand is recognizing parlors as "The Heart Of Fun" and offering them financial assistance in the walkup to National Ice Cream Day, July 18. Read the whole story

  • Beef Snack Marketer Country Archer Rallies 'Grassholes'

    The slightly off-color national ad campaign touts the benefits of grass-fed beef to health and wellness seekers in search of better food choices. Read the whole story

  • Mission's Mission: Making Produce A CPG

    If Millennials have a signature food, then surely avocados would be it. But herein lies the opportunity, says Mission Produce head of marketing and … Read the whole story

  • Athletes Make Us Rethink Sports Sponsorship

    I believe the best value in sports sponsorship is in direct commercial relationships with athletes themselves. Read the whole story

  • Teens Make Hashtags #CoolAgain

    According to the Los Angeles Times, several trends fuel the unlikely resurrection of the long-loathed hashtag. The first is the rise of TikTok. Read the whole story