Marketing D2C Weekly Editions for August 2021
Marketing D2C Weekly - Monday, Aug. 30, 2021
Harry's Flexes Its Funny Bone
The Blink Test: Brands Should Avoid Displaying Mismatched Products
Keep Your Customers Close: Retention Is Top Retail Tactic In 2021
Lakshmi Teams With Winery In Women's Health Initiative
Small Businesses Boosting Digital Ad Spend, But Not Seeing Benefits
The Eye On Content: Few Firms Measure ROI, And Many Lack Brand Guidelines
Email Marketing Strategies For The New Pandemic Wave
Marketing D2C Weekly - Monday, Aug. 23, 2021
D2C Brands Rev Up Ad Spending, Especially On TV
As Macy's And Kohl's Rise, Will Amazon Open Physical Department Stores?
Neou Fitness Streamer Teams With IHeartMedia For Local Audio Campaigns
Walmart Shows Strength, Amazon Just Dethroned It
Email Love: Consumers Prefer It When Shopping Online
To Tell The Truth: Consumers Trust User-Generated Content The Most
Magical Thinking: Small Businesses Err On What Consumers Want
Marketing D2C Weekly - Monday, Aug. 16, 2021
For Bark, Add-To-Box Option Builds Revenues
Fetch Rewards Platform Expands Reach, Debuts OOH Ads
Acne Insecurity Gets Visible Again As People Venture Out
Reintroducing The Illy Brand You Already Know
The Conscientious Marketer: Don't Send Emails To People Who Have Unsubscribed
Marketing's Tech-tonic Shift: 90% Have Changed Their Digital Strategies
The Holidays Are Humming: Small Retail Businesses Gear Up With Email
Don't Be A Zero: What Winning Ecommerce Sites Hope To Improve
Marketing D2C Weekly - Monday, Aug. 9, 2021
State Bags Debuts Affordable Back-To-School Line At Target
Hinge, OkCupid Target LGBTQIA+ Singles And Beyond
Snapping Up The Apps: What People Want, And How They're Using Them
Personalization Rage: What Consumers Will Do When Brands Get It Wrong
Email Brain Candy: Neuroscientist Measures Psych Response To Videos
Tracking Tumult: Consumers Don't Like It, Want To Be Asked For Their Consent
Time For Another Rant: Dear Digital D2C Marketers
Marketing D2C Weekly - Monday, Aug. 2, 2021
Slow Growth At Pinterest Sparks D2C Concerns
Hitting Speed Bumps, Amazon's Growth Is A Little Less Dazzling
Visible Leans On Its Site, Not Media, To Convert
Enhanced MessageGears Tool Allows Email Customization Without IT, Firm Says
The Top 5 Types Of COVID-19-Related Email Crime
Emplifi Debuts Email Virtual Assistant, Tool For Handling Customer Requests
Data Of Choice: Brands Are Moving Toward First- And Zero-Party Sources
The E-ffect On Engineers: Email Emerges As Top Tactic For Reaching Them