Marketing D2C Weekly
Tuesday, January 3, 2023
  • Ouch: Blue Apron, Party City, Grove Collaborative Face NYSE Delisting

    It's not a death sentence, but all three companies face serious consequences if they can't improve their fortunes. Read the whole story

  • Equinox Doesn't Want Your Lousy Resolutions

    The new "We don't speak January" campaign aims to reinforce members' commitment. It's not about fitness, Equinox says -- it's about life. Read the whole story

  • Crunch Gives 'Talk To The Hand' New Meaning

    Crunch Fitness welcomes exercisers back to the gym with a "hands-on" campaign that brings its logo to life. Read the whole story

  • Economic Worries Weigh On Consumer Attitudes For 2023

    About four out of five U.S. consumers say they plan to reevaluate their spending in the coming year. Read the whole story

  • Amazon Thanks Consumers After Holidays

    The official line is "Thank you for letting us be part of your holidays," amid scenes of people putting Xmas stuff away. Read the whole story