Marketing D2C Weekly
Monday, November 6, 2023
  • How Bark Keeps Dunkin' Deal Fresh

    With stuffed lattes and tough Munchkins, the dog-toy company finds new ways to turn the Dunkin tie-in into a win for kids. Read the whole story

  • At VF, Vans Implosion Is Getting Worse

    As the freefall for the once-beloved sneaker brand intensifies, the company is looking for new solutions to growing problems. Read the whole story

  • Dr. Squatch Hypnotizes With Big Bricc Energy

    The D2C brand knows that 80% of millennial men struggle with confidence. The company thinks Richard Barker, hypnotist to the stars, can help. Read the whole story

  • Amazon Flooded Search Results With Irrelevant Sponsored Ads, FTC Alleges

    Unredacted info in FTC's antitrust suit charges Amazon increased its ad-auction revenues and pushed shoppers toward higher-priced sponsored products. Read the whole story

  • With MakerPlace, Michaels Takes On Etsy

    The retailer is tapping into the $200 billion handmade arts-and-crafts business, selling hundreds of thousands of items, as well as classes and how-tos. Read the whole story

  • Paramount Global Narrows D2C Losses, Stock Climbs

    Paramount Global reported that it narrowed its negative cash flow in D2C for the most recent period, believing those losses peaked in 2022. Read the whole story

  • Etsy Holiday Ads: Less Schmaltz, More Sleuth

    The makers' marketplace is offering seasonal and stealthy advice for getting the right gifts. Read the whole story