Marketing Daily
Thursday, September 28, 2006
  • Lowe's And Home Depot Scramble To Stave Off Housing Slump

    Lowe's is adding more "do-it-for-me" installation segments and advertising moderately priced appliances, while Home Depot tests gas stations designed to attract more contractors. Read the whole story

  • Pontiac's Music Tie-Ins Pull In Younger Drivers

    Efforts such as the Pontiac Garage concert series helped the automaker lower the median age of its buyer by 13 years. It's all part ... Read the whole story

  • Carvel And Cinnabon Unite In A New Flavor

    Focus Brands announced a co-branded ice cream variation that marries Carvel's vanilla ice cream with elements of Cinnabon's cinnamon rolls. It's the first co-branded ... Read the whole story

  • T-Mobile Expands Network, Plans Ad Shift

    T-Mobile USA will expand its services, introduce a new handset, and drop spokesperson Catherine Zeta-Jones, as it capitalizes on the new capacity won in ... Read the whole story