Marketing Daily
Thursday, October 19, 2006
  • Ambitious Coty Growth Plans May Require Acquisition

    [Beauty] Coty CEO Bernd Beetz's ambition to double the beauty company's revenues by 2010 is likely to require an acquisition. That's the opinion of … Read the whole story

  • Gen Y Gives Department Stores A Chance For Holidays

    [Retail] A survey of holiday shopping plans reveals the Millennial generation is having a change of heart about shopping at department stores. Eight in … Read the whole story

  • Lower Gasoline Prices Lifting Truck Sales

    [Automotive] The recent softening of gasoline prices may have a positive ripple effect on pickup truck and SUV sales, judging from a J.D. Power … Read the whole story

  • This Restaurateur Doesn't Skirt Mercury Issue

    [Restaurants] Restaurants traditionally tout preparation methods or flavor profiles to market seafood dishes. Customers at Bon Appetit Management Co.'s 400 U.S. food service locations … Read the whole story

  • Sara Lee Stars In Satellite Radio Promo

    [Food] A two-day Sirius Satellite Radio free listening promo will feature Sara Lee's "The Joy of Eating" contest in conjunction with Martha Stewart Living. Read the whole story

  • Philips Electronics Places Media Account In Review

    [Electronics] Despite critical acclaim for its "Sense and Simplicity" media campaign, Philips Electronics has put its reported $600 million global media account in review. Read the whole story