Marketing Daily
Tuesday, October 24, 2006
  • Pepsi Puts On A New Product Innovation Show For Investors

    [Beverages] Senior Pepsi executives yesterday unveiled a flurry of new "health and wellness" product initiatives and other innovations--including a 35-version media "choreography" of the … Read the whole story

  • RadioShack Starts Online Classes For Tech Prep

    [Retail] Yet another electronics retailer is taking steps to help shoppers understand complicated equipment. RadioShack introduced online classes to teach how to use intimidating … Read the whole story

  • J&J Plans Anti-Aging Line Under Aveeno Brand

    [Beauty] Aveeno's natural "Positively Ageless" skin care line will contain shiitake mushrooms to promote "cellular regeneration" and rolls out in February. Read the whole story

  • Sprint Hires New Pitchman To 'Power Up'

    [Telecom] Sprint has launched a new series of television ads featuring a spokesman they hope audiences will find to be a "straightforward, relatable guy"--actor … Read the whole story

  • IBM Takes Its Time; Sues Amazon For Patent Infringement

    [Law] In a move that took technology watchers by surprise, IBM slapped Amazon with two patent suits yesterday, claiming the online retailer has been … Read the whole story

  • Moms Say Advertisers Don't Get Them

    [Research] Only two in every 10 moms think marketers portray them accurately in their advertising, according to new research that will be unveiled at … Read the whole story

  • Lenovo Signs Marketing Deal With NBA

    [Technology] The Chinese computer maker signed a multi-year marketing deal with the NBA and will introduce the Lenovo Stat, a way to measure the … Read the whole story