Marketing Daily
Monday, December 18, 2006
  • Schwab Ties Positive Gains To Chuck

    [Financial Services] Charles Schwab Corp. expects to stay the course in 2007 with its asset-building "Talk to Chuck" campaign while revamping its online presence. Read the whole story

  • Procter & Gamble Has Its Eye On Beauty

    [Packaged Goods] Procter & Gamble is making quiet inroads to prestige cosmetics, and is likely to try an acquisition of a luxury brand marketer ... Read the whole story

  • On ROI: Metrics And New Media

    How do you establish a healthy balance of emerging and traditional media?A vice president of product marketing at Marketing Management Analytics suggests how. Read the whole story

  • Census Shows Americans Turn To Home

    [Research] Americans spent $159.5 billion to improve and repair their homes last year, and are staying put longer. That's just one of the findings ... Read the whole story

  • White Rock Claims Santa Bragging Rights From Coke

    [Beverages] Heading into the home stretch to Christmas--a slow-ho-ho news week--White Rock issued a challenge to Coke's claim that it was the first to ... Read the whole story

  • What's Trendy In Dining Out For 2007

    [Restaurants] Americans are slowing down a little and doing less on-the-go eating in their cars. That's just one trend spotted by the National Restaurant ... Read the whole story

  • SAB Miller Heads Into Inner Mongolia

    [Beverages] In what SAB Miller says is the first move by an international brewer into the region, the company's joint venture in China is ... Read the whole story