Marketing Daily
Wednesday, January 17, 2007
  • New Snacks Pack Muhammad Ali's Punch

    [Food] Muhammad Ali-branded snacks hit bookstore shelves on five college campuses today, the champ's 65th birthday. Read the whole story

  • Slower Retail Growth Forecast For 2007

    [Retail] The National Retail Federation yesterday predicted retail industry sales will increase only 4.8% this year--still hamstrung by the housing slowdown, high energy costs … Read the whole story

  • Sealed With a Hershey's Kiss

    [Food] Hershey gets a marketing boost few can match with its iconic Kiss featured on new postage stamps for the Valentine's Day card-giving season. Read the whole story

  • New Citi Name, Arc Represent More Global View

    [Financial Services] Brand experts, reacting to reports that giant Citgroup intends to shorten its name to Citi and drop its corporate red umbrella logo, … Read the whole story

  • SuperBowl of Auto Ads: Honda, Chevy, Cadillac, Toyota

    [Automotive] Honda, for the first time, will advertise during the Super Bowl, buying three spots in the fourth quarter for its Element. Chevy, Cadillac … Read the whole story

  • Verizon To Divest Landline Biz Against Market Trend

    [Telecom] Verizon is spinning off its operations in three New England states and combining them with a rural North Carolina-based provider with no brand … Read the whole story