Marketing Daily
Monday, February 19, 2007
  • Travelers Sees Weddings As Relationship Starter

    [Financial Services] Travelers has introduced a no-deductible wedding insurance policy as a way to get in the door with new customers. Read the whole story

  • Nielsen: Affluent Shoppers Favor Warehouse Clubs

    [Retail] Affluent shoppers are selective, but keenly attuned to looking for value for their dollars, confirms a new study from The Nielsen Co. Read the whole story

  • Ford Edge Sales Facing Uncertain Future As Segment Grows

    [Automotive] A company memo notes that the automaker is not meeting sales goals and that employees are losing faith in the "Way Forward." Read the whole story

  • Asian-American Youth Seek Edgier Image

    [Multicultural] Asian-American youth don't like being stereotyped as smarter than other teens. They're looking for street cred. But listening to Lite FM doesn't help. Read the whole story