Marketing Daily
Friday, June 22, 2007
  • P&G Seeks Scent-Sensitive Hispanics In Target Stores

    [Packaged Goods] Based on research that its Hispanic consumers are eager to use scented products throughout their homes, Procter & Gamble has formed its … Read the whole story

  • Mazda Future Rides On Nagare Design: It's All About 'Flow'

    [Automotive] Mazda is in the midst of redesigning itself with a broad design language called Nagare. (That's "flow" in Japanese.) Design director Franz von … Read the whole story

  • Nintendo's End Game Still All About Games, Analysts Say

    [Consumer Electronics] With its plans to launch a Mii social network for its popular Wii game system and new products coming out like "beauty … Read the whole story

  • Nissan Ties Rogue Campaign to NBC's 'Heroes'

    [Automotive] Nissan will use "Heroes" as ground zero for an integrated effort around its forthcoming crossover, Nissan Rogue. The deal includes product integration, off-channel … Read the whole story

  • Sunoco Links With O.C. Choppers For Fall Nascar Promo

    [Promotion] Sunoco is using its brand equity in motorsports to fuel a fall promotion around its dual status as official fuel of Nascar and … Read the whole story

  • Direct Mail, Technology Appeal To Hispanic Consumer

    [Research] Internet access is available to more Hispanic consumers than any other ethnic group on a percentage basis, reports Vertis, in a study of … Read the whole story