Marketing Daily
Tuesday, September 4, 2007
  • Auto Insurance Study: Customer Service Outweighs Marketing

    [Financial Services] Maximizing renewal rates is key to the success of every carrier, as just a 1% shift in market share can represent $1.6 … Read the whole story

  • Surprise! (Not.) Amazon Readying Music Service Launch

    [Technology] While reports put the launch as early as this month, not all agree the technology is ready for prime time. "Shockingly enough, I … Read the whole story

  • Remington's Pick-Up Line Contest Tags New Shaver Launch

    [Packaged Goods] It's the latest entry in personal-care theater--a long line of ads that use shaving products to help men attract women. Remington hopes … Read the whole story

  • Pernod Launches 'Responsibility' Campaign On Alcohol Abuse

    [Spirits] "Although the vast majority of adult Americans who drink do so in moderation, and the incidence of underage drinking is declining, we have … Read the whole story

  • John Hancock Long-Term Care Insurance Sales Hit Record High

    [Financial Services] "One of the reasons we've done so well is because the marketing department is so closely linked with the sales and product … Read the whole story