Marketing Daily
Monday, September 24, 2007
  • Chrysler Launches Campaign For Town & Country Minivan

    [Automotive] Brand Director David Rooney says the focus tends to be on Swivel 'n' Go (seating) because it's the most striking, visually. "It's the … Read the whole story

  • Wrangler, Turning 60, Races From Nascar To Barneys

    [Retail] This week, the company will announce two limited-edition anniversary jean styles. Sold under the Wrangler47 brand name, they will be sold exclusively at … Read the whole story

  • College Student To Pizza Hut: Pls Snd Cpn 4 Med 2Tpg Pie

    [Technology] If a student sends a text message asking for a coupon from a company that doesn't subscribe to the service, WHAMtext replies with … Read the whole story

  • Marketers Think Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness

    [Cause] One advocacy group suggests consumers question the amount of money being donated to breast cancer compared to the amount being spent on marketing, … Read the whole story

  • Honda Breaks Corporate Campaign, First With Network TV In Years

    [Automotive] Ads, targeting 25- to-29-year-olds, launch on network TV during season premieres of shows like "Brothers & Sisters," "Dancing With the Stars," "Cane" and … Read the whole story

  • Estee Lauder Leverages Mustang Mania For Men's Fragrance

    [Beauty] A two-week-long national radio campaign announcing the sweepstakes is running on top 40 contemporary, news and sports stations and will be tagged with … Read the whole story