Estee Lauder Leverages Mustang Mania For Men's Fragrance

Estee Lauder has launched a web site and national sweepstakes for its Mustang Fragrances, the new men's brand from Aramis and Designer Fragrances.

A two-week-long national radio campaign announcing the sweepstakes is running on top 40 contemporary, news and sports stations and will be tagged with a local retailer in each market. The 30-second Mustang spots will air in all 50 states covering all 210 DMAs in the country.

Consumers are invited to go to for a chance to win a VIP weekend during the Ford 400 Championship. The grand prize winner, along with three guests, will be flown to Miami to attend the weekend races at the Miami Speedway from Nov. 15-18, leading up to Sunday's Ford 400 Championships. In addition to first-class accommodations and $2,000 spending money, they will receive a Mario Andretti Driving Experience. The sweepstakes ends Sept. 30.

Additional highlights of the web site include the "Adventures from the Backseat" section, the Mustang Fragrances pony girl, Heidi Bailey and a store locator. Filmed during a California Mustang car show, Bailey brings stories from Mustang fans.



These stories include "Star-Crossed Boss Love," starring Atila and Michelle, who fell in love while re-building a Mustang, and "Man's Best Friend," featuring Tom and Mark, which chronicles their friendship brought together by their Mustang cars and why everyone wants to ride in Tom's pony after a car show.

There are 24 stories, and, beginning in October, visitors will be able to cast their vote for the best one. The winners of the best "Adventures from the Backseat" contest will win a 2008 Ford Mustang, and voters will have the chance to win prize packages as well.

The web site was created by Estee Lauder Online in conjunction with The Concept Farm Agency and also features screen savers and wallpaper downloads. The sweepstakes was developed and executed by Area Marketing Associates.

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