Marketing Daily
Wednesday, November 7, 2007
  • Evangelicals More Diverse Than Might Be Assumed

    [Research] As with other consumer segments, a close look at Evangelicals reveals a complex and sometimes contradictory profile, according to a new report from … Read the whole story

  • General Motors Shooting Year-End Ads In Dealership

    [Automotive] The ads will be shot at a new dealership that evinces a distribution strategy launched five years ago to group the three brands … Read the whole story

  • How To Balance Brand Building And Promotion

    As pressure continues to mount from shareholders and senior management to "make the numbers," marketers may surrender to the quick fix of promotion-driven marketing. … Read the whole story

  • Dark Chocolate Introductions Put Pressure On Premiums

    [Food] Introductions of new dark chocolate lines from Mars and Hershey this year have increased the pressure on the premium chocolate companies such as … Read the whole story

  • Discovery's Integrated Marketing Draws Viewers To Show

    [Entertainment] "The tricky thing about designing a marketing campaign around ["Last One Standing"] is there's not one host, or a central person, to build … Read the whole story

  • GM Intros Pontiac Vibe With Pomp, Circumstance

    [Automotive] "We realize so many can't be there, and this is a little unusual to go beyond that to send out invitations to dealers, … Read the whole story

  • Report: Consumers Are Stockpiling Unused Credit Cards

    [Financial Services] "It appears that the biggest hurdle for lenders in reducing card attrition is to engage the cardholder in the card's value proposition … Read the whole story