Marketing Daily
Tuesday, November 13, 2007
  • Wendy's, Rhapsody Partner In Digital Song Giveaway

    [Restaurants] The free-song promotion appears ideal. Not so for those who depend on their iPod or iPhone for music. The digital songs downloaded from … Read the whole story

  • Black Friday Numbers Leave Room For The Blues

    [Research] Consumers have plenty of good reasons to stay home and eat leftovers instead of heading to the mall. Gas is expensive, their homes … Read the whole story

  • Sports Apparel Company Asks Consumers: 'How Do You Fila?'

    [Retail] As a sports apparel company, Fila is dwarfed by better-known brands such as Nike and Reebok. The campaign is intended to carve out … Read the whole story

  • IAB Panelists Offer Advice On How To Reach Families

    [Interactive] It may seem like a contradiction in terms, but the panelists were evangelists for ... agnosticism. The message was that planners, buyers, advertisers … Read the whole story

  • Private Label Is Growing But When Will It Take Off?

    [Retail] Even with private-label products from Safeway, Publix, Wal-Mart and Target, the market is still, like the average flight out of LaGuardia, waiting to … Read the whole story