Marketing Daily
Tuesday, January 8, 2008
  • Starbucks Slows Ship, Begins Return To Safer Harbor

    [Restaurants] The man who has been there since the beginning is leading the charge to return the company to its roots and to refocus … Read the whole story

  • HD DVD Fallout Could Create Marketing Nightmare

    [Electronics] Ron Cameron, training manager at Panasonic, says that the players with recorders selling in Japan today will move into the U.S. market in … Read the whole story

  • TD Banknorth Launches 'Good Cop' Credit Card

    [Financial Services] The new card provides TDBanknorth with two immediate advantages, notes a consultant. "First, it hurts a competitor by taking away one of … Read the whole story

  • How Delightful Do We Find Cars? Let Them Count The Ways

    [Automotive] A consultancy tallies up the number of times consumers describe a vehicle as "delightful" and finds that the top vehicles in a survey … Read the whole story

  • Xerox Rebrand Animates Logo, First Time In 40 Years

    [Technology] Richard Wergan, VP/brand marketing and advertising at the company, says the new look, comprising the lower-case "wordmark" and marketing symbol, has more dynamism … Read the whole story

  • Online Holiday Shopping Tally Down Slightly From Forecast

    [Retail] Online shopping for the 2007 holiday season totaled $29.2 billion, up 19% versus the same period in 2006, according to comScore, Inc., off … Read the whole story