Marketing Daily
Thursday, March 27, 2008
  • Netflix Apologizes For Mail Glitch, Offers Discounts

    [Entertainment] The movie by mail company couldn't ship out CDs on Monday so they sent an email to affected members and offered a 5% … Read the whole story

  • Wouldn't You Like To Hear The Album, Too?

    Apparently, Dr Pepper thinks linking to Axl Rose, a faded superstar if there ever was one, is a marketable idea, even if there's no … Read the whole story

  • Boat Business Braces For Even Stormier Seas

    [Recreation] WestMarine's marketing strategy, he says, will shift. A leading retailer for enthusiasts, it is preparing to open a new prototype store in Jacksonville, … Read the whole story

  • With Sales, Ford Now Able To Focus On Core Brands

    [Automotive] Despite the fire sale, Wes Brown, an analyst with L.A.-based IceOlogy, notes, "The reality is, if your house isn't fixed, how can you … Read the whole story

  • New National Maidenform Campaign 'Feels Right'

    [Packaged Goods] "We chose to launch the campaign with the Breakthrough Backless bra in order to illustrate how Maidenform has evolved and changed along … Read the whole story

  • MetLife's New Online Video Explains Concept Of Risk-Pooling

    [Financial Services] The company will promote the video through keyword purchases, public relations and some online advertising. The Simplified site will be the subject … Read the whole story

  • True Religion Brand Puts $2M Into Awareness Campaign

    [Retail] The effort is the company's first significant marketing investment, according to CFO Pete Collins. "Our marketing plan was, first, to get a really … Read the whole story