Marketing Daily
Monday, March 31, 2008
  • Kodak CMO Makes Hay While 'Celebrity Appearance' Shines

    [Electronics] On Thursday night, Jeff Hayzlett went virtually nose to nose with rock star Gene Simmons--beamed in from Tokyo--debating the winning slogan for the ... Read the whole story

  • Industry Is On The Ropes After A One-Two Punch

    [Automotive] "Some shoppers seem to be waiting for dramatic incentive announcements that seem inevitable, while other consumers are likely more focused on general economic ... Read the whole story

  • Getting Snug Around The Upper Middle?

    We seem to be trapped in a bubble of economic delusion. We're certainly not rich. But the checking account is generally well-upholstered enough so ... Read the whole story

  • Unconventional Marketing Reaches Video-Game College Tour

    [Gaming] The marketing campaign for the tour runs the gamut from colorful chalk drawings on campus sidewalks in front of the student union and ... Read the whole story

  • First National Quit Smoking Campaign Readies Launch

    [Health] "What we are trying to do with EX is offer smokers a comprehensive plan to quit, focusing on ritualistic, behavioral and habit elements ... Read the whole story

  • Turning Credit Cards Into Loyalty Cards, Plus Real-Time Rewards

    [Financial Services] Martin Walker, VP of marketing and merchandising for Tully's, sees a major benefit in being able to use SingleSwipe to offer Tully's ... Read the whole story

  • Microsoft, Toyota Launch Campaigns On MyWaves

    [Technology] This week, Microsoft kicks off a campaign on MyWaves that is geo-targeted to 4 million mobile users in India promoting the MS Office ... Read the whole story