Marketing Daily
Friday, April 18, 2008
  • American Express CMO: 'Go From Disrupting To Empowering'

    [Conference] Claire Bennett threw down a gauntlet at the outset: digital, traditional, grassroots -- it doesn't matter if consumers don't want it. Paraphrasing Einstein, … Read the whole story

  • Advocacy Is NOT A Media Buy

    Your customers don't need incentives to act; if you empower and inform them, they will have the ability to drive more favorable opinions and … Read the whole story

  • Focalyst: Baby Boomer Misconceptions Die Hard

    [Research] Heather Stern, Focalyst's director of marketing and client development, says, "It's still about educating them on the basics. It can be difficult getting … Read the whole story

  • Corona Breaks New Creative For 'Cinco de Mayo'

    [Beverages] The new spot opens on a Corona Extra and lime set against the backdrop of the iconic Corona beach. Hushed whispers turn louder … Read the whole story

  • P&G Unit Chief Lights The Way To Entertained Consumers

    [Conference] "What we have learned in eight years is that there is a message the consumer wants to hear, and really doesn't mind [being … Read the whole story

  • Loving Leftovers: Food Prices Change The Way Americans Eat

    [Food] The biggest winner is a cozy four-letter word: Home. "In uncertain times, home is going to become a greater source for meals and … Read the whole story

  • Userplane CEO Reflects On Potential Yahoo/AOL Merger

    [Technology] As Time Warner and Yahoo weigh a cash infusion to seal an AOL/Yahoo deal, Userplane, an AOL subsidiary acquired in 2006 to lead … Read the whole story