Marketing Daily
Thursday, April 24, 2008
  • Schering-Plough To Continue DTC Marketing Of Vytorin

    [Pharma] "We are concerned the continued uproar undermines patient care," CEO Fred Hassan said. "Vytorin and Zetia continue to be valuable tools for cholesterol … Read the whole story

  • Starbucks' New Brew Lacks Bite

    Get the consumers who weren't interested in the stronger varieties Starbucks is known for and have them come in and buy something closer to … Read the whole story

  • High Gas Prices Have Consumers Looking At Motorcycles

    [Automotive] "The other category that has been benefiting from fuel prices has been dual-purpose bikes," says the Motorcycle Industry Council's Ty Van Hooydonk. That … Read the whole story

  • Gen Y Meets Duran Duran: Unilever Remakes '80s With Pussycat Doll

    [Packaged Goods] The new song, which debuted online earlier this month, is part of a broader campaign to encourage women to "unleash the spirit … Read the whole story

  • Analysts Looking For More On Microsoft's Online Ad Biz

    [Technology] At today's earnings report, Microsoft may talk about the ad network in passing because it wants to point toward its ad network as … Read the whole story

  • GoldSpot: Interactive Ads Work Best On Mobile TV

    [Strategy] Even with content expanding rapidly on mobile devices, many questions remain about whether consumers will be receptive to advertising. A Silicon Valley company, … Read the whole story