Marketing Daily
Friday, November 14, 2008
  • Wal-Mart Turns In Solid Quarter, Predicts Happy Holidays

    Wal-Mart is also stepping up its new-media efforts, reaching out to female head-of-households via Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. The company is also said to … Read the whole story

  • Who's Signing Petitions?

    Top 10 DMAs in which adults said they had signed a petition in the last 12 months. 1 Seattle/ Tacoma 2 Cleveland/ Akron (Canton) … Read the whole story

  • Dunkin' Donuts Rolls Out Holiday Promotions

    "We're letting consumers know that we're aware that it's a tough economy, and we want to make things easier, particularly during the holidays when … Read the whole story

  • Alpo's Boston Restaurant Goes To The Dogs

    At the opening of the "Dog's Night Out" festivities, Red Sox great Carlton Fisk was scheduled to serve as guest waiter, providing canine customers … Read the whole story

  • Poor Economy Cuts Rental Car Satisfaction Rates

    "Some leisure and business travelers are avoiding air travel altogether, which has ramifications for airport-based rental car companies in terms of a shrinking customer … Read the whole story

  • Musselman's Repositions Self As Co-op, Not Corporate

    "Internal research showed that "Grower-Owned" also suggests quality and freshness," says a spokesperson for the applesauce brand, and helps validate higher shelf prices for … Read the whole story