Marketing Daily
Friday, November 21, 2008
  • Braking: Auto Marketers Drop 10% In Ad Spend

    Big Auto is begging for a bailout. So it's no surprise that automotive marketers dropped an overall 10% in their ad spending through the ... Read the whole story

  • Big 3 Argue For Future Of Companies, Nation

    Ford CEO Alan Mulally said the domestics have a competitive and sustainable future and that government-proffered liquidity for the domestics will cost less than ... Read the whole story

  • Mixed Teen Retailer Results Portend Holiday Challenge

    If teens and tweens aren't necessarily going to spend in this economy, perhaps a child can lead the retail charge. Yes, those kids still ... Read the whole story

  • Organic Trade Group Readies New Marketing Push

    The trade group is launching an advertising and PR campaign in February, and hopes that the $2.5 million effort will reach some 25 million ... Read the whole story

  • Online Buzz About Motrin Ad Already On the Wane

    "That fact that people care enough to tweet or blog about Motrin indicates that there's passion about the brand," says Reggie Bradford, CEO of ... Read the whole story

  • Embrace Cultural Diversity? Ignore It At Your Peril

    The dynamics of building a strong brand on a global basis are complex and challenging and there is good reason to believe that it ... Read the whole story