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Monday, January 19, 2009
  • Incident Sends Airline's Social Media Index Soaring

    "This is a compelling story which illustrates the power of how truly interconnected, influenced and inspired we are by each other's thoughts and actions," … Read the whole story

  • The View From Your Window

    Share your view with us by clicking here. Read the whole story

  • Managing ROI On A Shrinking Budget

    Online marketing campaigns -- including email and Web campaigns -- can become flagship strategies when budgets are cut. These low-cost, high-impact channels pull a … Read the whole story

  • Cycle Sellers See More Vroom On Horizon

    "We are in the most severe recession in this country's history, and consumers don't want to spend. We will see consumers looking across categories … Read the whole story

  • American Greetings, Hallmark Prep For Feb. 14

    "In times of economic uncertainty, we see people being reminded of what's most important in life," says Rochelle Lulow, creative director of the Cleveland-based … Read the whole story

  • Video Games Becoming A Mainstream Choice

    Of the estimated 114 million regular video game players, 22% are over the age of 55, and 40% are over 45. Not only are … Read the whole story

  • Hyundai Likely To Tout Assurance Program In Bowl

    Joel Ewanick, VP/marketing for the U.S., says the vital signs are strong, with January sales so far holding up to last January's. That may … Read the whole story

  • Kraft Fast-Forwards Functional Foods

    Kraft's enthusiasm isn't hard to grasp. Medisyn's David Land points out that there are now more than 76 million aging Baby Boomers, and more … Read the whole story