Marketing Daily
Monday, March 23, 2009
  • BMWs By Warhol, Lichtenstein On View In New York

    BMW began having painters use their cars as canvases in 1975. The company says 16 artists have designed Bimmers, and the cars have been … Read the whole story

  • Flagship Phones Drive Revs On Carrier Sites

    A high percentage of the phones online were free. "This finding underscores some of the key differences between the online and offline sales channels, … Read the whole story

  • For Stores, Relief Won't Come Until Fourth Quarter

    There are opportunities for stores to win new customers. "Shoppers are loath to change the way they do things, and even now, are only … Read the whole story

  • Challenged Jamba Juice Rolling Out Food

    The chain's strategy also calls for meeting specific cost-cutting goals, building a "customer-first and operationally focused service culture" across the company, accelerating franchise and … Read the whole story

  • Quaker State Lays Down The Gauntlet

    "There are four brands in the marketplace talking Sequence 4A," says Troy Chapman, director of marketing at Quaker State. "It's important because consumers are … Read the whole story

  • Who Had Their Taxes Prepared By A Pro?

    Top 10 DMAs in which live adults who had their taxes prepared by a CPA or other tax professional in the last year: 1 … Read the whole story

  • Creating Online Campaigns That Convert

    Online ads that motivate people to take immediate action is not easy. How can you convert ad viewers into product buyers? Read this. Read the whole story