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Tuesday, September 22, 2009
  • TV Still Relevant, But Social Media Takes Center Stage: Marketers

    CNBC's Advertising Week summit on how marketers connect to consumers could have been called "No, really, we love TV!" "Television is wonderful," said Dan … Read the whole story

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  • Mining a Brand's Flashbulb Moments

    It's the dissonance between the promise of the brand experience -- as felt in those early memories -- and the letdown of the reality … Read the whole story

  • Holiday Sales Forecast: Cold And Flat

    Deloitte's Retail Group is predicting a flat and chilly holiday, with sales coming in flat at $810 billion, despite signs of recovery in the … Read the whole story

  • Ford's Scott Monty Talks Social Media at OMMA

    Scott Monty, global digital and multimedia communications manager at Ford, opened his presentation at Advertising Week's OMMA social-media conference with an understatement: companies are … Read the whole story

  • Survey: Consumers Prefer Banking Online

    For the first time, more bank customers (25%) prefer to do their banking online compared to any other method, according to a new survey … Read the whole story

  • Word Of Mouth Best Way To Reach Gamers

    For all of the advertising, guerrilla marketing and other approaches that video game companies take to promote their new releases, more than two-fifths of … Read the whole story

  • How Much Do Green Issues Influence QSR Patronage?

    While eco-friendliness isn't a make-or-break factor in choosing a QSR for most consumers, it may encourage greater frequency by making consumers feel good about … Read the whole story