Marketing Daily
Monday, October 26, 2009
  • Quiznos Sweepstakes Drives Online, TV Synergy

    The point is to direct attention to the "hot" aspect of the new prime rib and melted cheese sub, which comes out of the … Read the whole story

  • Who Gets Facials?

    Top 10 DMAs in which adults reside who got a facial in the last six months: 1 San Francisco/ Oakland/ San Jose 2 Boston … Read the whole story

  • Here Comes The Flood

    Based on who follows you, and the relative importance of you in the context of your follower's entire social network, your authority will come … Read the whole story

  • Toyota Fights Suit Over Viral Matrix Effort

    "With everything else Toyota has been hammered with lately, this is another thing to put out there and add to the list," says Iceology's … Read the whole story

  • ConAgra Ads Tout Manwich's Veggie-ness

    "The goal of the Manwich campaign is to give moms another reason to enjoy Manwich and feel good about serving it to their families … Read the whole story

  • Faux Frugality: Are Consumers Really Any Different?

    That means marketers have to take a closer look at consumers who say they are more than willing to trade down, but don't actually … Read the whole story

  • Roster Of Brand Names Lines Up For NBA

    "Kia owns the Tip Off platform," says NBA's Mark Tatum. "But we have several other partners launching new products and ad campaigns." He notes … Read the whole story

  • Martha Stewart, Hain Partner On Natural Foods

    Branding expert Laura Ries of Ries & Ries thinks the turkey line is a particularly promising opportunity. "Think about it: Aside from Butterball, what … Read the whole story