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Tuesday, October 27, 2009
  • HTC Looks To Make The Mobile Phone Personal

    Noting that people have an emotional relationship with their phones, the campaign uses the word "you" to emphasize the company's brand promise. A newly ... Read the whole story

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  • 8 Guaranteed Ways To Kill Your Brand

    Throughout the recession, many marketers have relied on so-called "recession-survival" lessons to drive their strategies. Unfortunately, these aren't always lessons as much as they ... Read the whole story

  • Study: There's Money In Boomer Anxiety

    Retirees are concerned about being able to generate income that will last throughout their retirement. This gives financial companies, particularly those that previously focused ... Read the whole story

  • A Domestic Hits The Mark

    Lincoln's MKZ is perhaps the biggest surprise because it comes from a brand I had kind of relegated to an automotive nursing home. Read the whole story

  • U.S. Open Serves Up Mercedes Sponsorship

    Lisa Holladay, manager for brand experience marketing at Mercedes-Benz, says the partnership was the result of good timing, with Lexus' program ending and Mercedes ... Read the whole story

  • Black Friday: How Much Will It Matter?

    Retailers, for the most part, will consider it a big win if they can sell at least as well as they did last year, ... Read the whole story

  • Strong Signal: Verizon FiOS Adds Telco, Net Subscribers

    About 25% of customers eligible for Verizon's telco TV service have signed up, helping drive the number of subscribers higher in the third quarter, ... Read the whole story