Marketing Daily
Thursday, October 29, 2009
  • Accidental Purchases: Blame Package Design

    Copycat packaging tends to be the biggest factor when it comes to accidental purchases. According to a study by The Brand Union, half of … Read the whole story

  • Who's Eating Ready-To-Serve Dips?

    Top 10 DMAs in which reside adults who used ready-to-serve dips in the last six months: 1 Green Bay/ Appleton, Wis. 2 Paducah, Ky./ … Read the whole story

  • Wake-Up: A Screen Is A Screen Is A Screen!

    In order for this strategy to work, first and foremost we need the story. And, we need a collaboration process that co-mingles creative talent … Read the whole story

  • Your Friend Is Only A Mile Away. Did You Know?

    It seems inevitable that friend-finders will bring with them changes in social behavior and privacy issues, just as Facebook and Twitter changed the nature … Read the whole story

  • Q&A: Todd DuBoef On Boxing's Potential

    "People are seeing that boxing does well, crosses all demographics, and is global in scope. My events are bigger than any NFL game or … Read the whole story

  • 'What Is Southern Comfort?' Campaign Rolls Out

    The ads bring together elements known to appeal to the "attention-depleted" young adult online viewer: fast-paced, compelling, entertaining and bite-sized or "snackable" content, Southern … Read the whole story

  • Study: Banks Should Focus On Branch Service

    Banks shouldn't get rid of their Web sites and stop emailing all together. Young adults are likely to prefer online and email communications when … Read the whole story

  • Timex Pulls Out Stops For ING NYC Marathon

    "Timex is perceived as trusted, friendly and conservative," says Heberto Calves, VP of marketing. "Those are good things that any brand would want to … Read the whole story

  • Orbitz, Bertolli Big Winners For Gay/Lesbian Ads

    "Golfers," an Orbitz spot that ran on national TV, received the award for outstanding television in mainstream markets. The ad has generated both kudos … Read the whole story