Marketing Daily
Friday, December 18, 2009
  • Pop Secret Leverages Watching Movies At Home

    "With the economy being down, a lot of people are staying at home and renting movies and popping popcorn because popcorn is a relatively ... Read the whole story

  • Who's Buying Sports Drinks?

    Top 10 DMAs in which reside adults who imbibed a sports drink in the past week: 1 Harlingen/ Weslaco/ Brownsville/ McAllen, Texas 2 San ... Read the whole story

  • Death By 1,000 Discounts

    Why marketers are turning to personalized digital coupons instead of brand-dampening, profit-killing price cuts. Read the whole story

  • CFBAI Tightens Nutrition Standards In Kid Ads

    In addition, the venues and types of marketing covered are being expanded to include video and computer games rated "EC" or early childhood; other ... Read the whole story

  • Scion Launching Indie Music Video Series

    The music videos, from artists in genres like metal, hip-hop, electro and new-disco, were produced by Scion and will be distributed via iTunes, and ... Read the whole story

  • ANA: Restricting Kids' Advertising Won't Solve Obesity

    "The types of non-voluntary [advertising] restrictions currently being advocated" -- including restricting ads to "tombstone" formats -- "are both unconstitutional and will do real ... Read the whole story

  • Happy New Year: People Are Looking To Party

    A new survey from American Express reports that many people will reward themselves for paring back on gifts with what it calls "party driven" ... Read the whole story

  • Tiger: From On Par With Jobs To ... Jerry Springer?

    Woods needs to be on his best behavior for the next few years. "Make things right with your wife -- even if she's your ... Read the whole story