Marketing Daily
Thursday, January 28, 2010
  • IPad: Can Apple Work Its Magic With Consumers?

    Considering it's an Apple product, there's little doubt people will line up outside the retail stores when the iPad hits the streets. If it … Read the whole story

  • Country Brands And The Olympics

    The question is, can the Vancouver Olympics help build the Canadian brand in the areas in which it is weakest-style, prestige, and innovation? Read the whole story

  • Hyundai Marketing VP: Sonata's Our Brand's Core

    For Hyundai Motor America, this may be the most important year since the company launched in the U.S. some 23 years ago. Not only … Read the whole story

  • Listen Up

    After experiencing "hearing loss" you quickly come to realize that hearing and listening are two very different things. Read the whole story

  • Kellogg's Special K Line Continues To Expand

    The brand's well-researched emphasis on achieving sensible, overall weight/health goals is more evident than ever in its latest TV commercials from Leo Burnett Chicago. … Read the whole story

  • Happy Days? Retail Forecast Predicts Upswing

    After enduring well over a year's worth of brutal sales results, two leading retail organizations are forecasting a much happier 2010, with overall sales … Read the whole story

  • Hornets' Paul To Star In Right Guard Ads

    "We have a multi-year relationship with Paul, who happens to be another great defensive player," says Dial Corp.'s Doug Weekes. "In the spot, he … Read the whole story

  • Health Mart's Campaign Stars Real Pharmacists

    The campaign includes outdoor since the focus is all about locally owned, community-minded Health Mart pharmacists and the personal service, clinical expertise and community-minded … Read the whole story