Marketing Daily
Friday, March 26, 2010
  • Lexus Debates Global Warming; Silverman Moderates

    Lexus will launch its CT 200h compact hybrid at the New York International Auto Show next week with a panel discussion about global warming. ... Read the whole story

  • Top 20 Healthiest Fast-Food Eateries

    1. Subway 2. McDonald's 3. KFC 4. Domino's/Burger King 5. Quiznos 6. Wendy's 7. Red Lobster 8. IHOP 9. Outback 10. Hardee's 11. Papa ... Read the whole story

  • IPad 'Provokes' Consumers, Research Finds

    "They actually said it was more provocative to them, and they see the potential value in this type of advertising," says Frank N. Magid's ... Read the whole story

  • Which QSRs Are Perceived As Healthy?

    Brand Keys does not specifically probe consumers about calorie counts, but was inspired to pull out these restaurant "healthy choices/quality" rankings from its brand ... Read the whole story

  • Jumpstart: Ford, Chevy Gain On Toyota's Loss

    The poll found that after Chevy and Ford, in order, Chrysler, Honda and Nissan were the next go-to auto brands for Toyota avoiders. "What ... Read the whole story

  • Chrysler Ads Reinforce Ram As Fourth Brand

    A spokesperson says it made sense to devote the big media guns to heavy-duty trucks, though they are 30% of the pickup truck market. ... Read the whole story

  • Best Buy Boss: 'Connectivity Is Non-Negotiable'

    "We are building on our foundation as a company that sells hardware and accessories," says CEO Brian Dunn, "to one that understands that means ... Read the whole story