Marketing Daily
Tuesday, March 30, 2010
  • Q&A With Hyundai's Interim CMO, Chris Perry

    In September, the company launches a turbo version of Sonata plus the car it unveils at this week's show: the Sonata Hybrid, its first … Read the whole story

  • Fastest-Growing Restaurant Chains*

    1. Five Guys Burgers and Fries 50 %** 2. Tim Hortons*** 23 3. Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar22 4. Jimmy John's Gourmet Sandwich***21 … Read the whole story

  • Brand Lessons From The Court

    Syracuse University fans are in mourning. That is the power of a strong brand. Read the whole story

  • Walmart Dominates Colloquy Loyalty Study

    "The Great Recession became the great equalizer," says Colloquy's Kelly Hlavinka. "Customers view loyalty differently. We've witnessed a profound change among consumers since the … Read the whole story

  • Whole Foods Launches Earth Month Festival

    It's a chance for Whole Foods -- a marketer that has never been able to compete on price, despite a few nods to the … Read the whole story

  • Top Chains' Sales Were Down 0.8% in '09

    Technomic also noted a small increase in the percentage of newly opened units that are franchised, as opposed to company-owned, last year -- reflecting … Read the whole story

  • Study ID's Five Types Of Cell Phone Users

    The study also finds that AT&T Wireless indexes well above average in tendency of customers to switch to another service, while TracFone indexes well … Read the whole story