Marketing Daily
Wednesday, June 9, 2010
  • Pfizer CEO Demands Healthcare Innovation

    "Those of us who are boomers, entering a period where we will be drawing the biggest healthcare expenditure, will not put up with this," … Read the whole story

  • PR Is No Substitute For The Truth

    These are basic, raw reactions on the public's part -- and they are legitimate. No amount of spin will counter them. Read the whole story

  • Detroit Schools, Leo Burnett Win Grand Effie Award

    "Creatively, it was the engagement here," a judge tells Marketing Daily. "It got people involved. The engagement idea was hard to pull apart; it … Read the whole story

  • Be A Better Event Organizer

    A good speaker is not there to make a sales pitch; rather, to educate, entertain, and/or motivate the audience. Read the whole story

  • Hungry To Show Team Support

    Nothing says "Go Team" like eating a reasonable facsimile of your favorite team's logo replicated in sugar, starch, and food coloring and melted into … Read the whole story

  • Time For New Market Research Paradigm?

    Kraft used consumer communities to explore "diet" product concepts. "What they learned was that people didn't want 'diet' foods ... they wanted tasty snacks … Read the whole story

  • Genworth Celebrates Parenthood On Facebook

    The Richmond, Va.-based financial services company has created a new Facebook fan page devoted to the celebration of parenthood. invites browsers to share … Read the whole story

  • Coach Makes Bigger Gains On Smaller Prices

    The company began the shift last year with the introduction of its Poppy line, Michael Tucci, president of the chain's retail division, explained at … Read the whole story