Marketing Daily
Tuesday, August 31, 2010
  • Lindt Ads Serve Up Tennis Star Federer

    The 30-second spot, initially airing in a two-week national flight corresponding with the U.S. Open (Aug. 29 - Sept. 12) -- which Federer has … Read the whole story

  • Julie Roehm Is Looking For A Few Good Game-Changers

    Julie Roehm will be turning the tables and helping to shape the news about marketing, instead of making it, and she can use your … Read the whole story

  • Think Of Social Media As A Party

    The Social Media Party is not about making eye-contact (impressions); it's about shaking hands (engagements). Read the whole story

  • Best Buy Expands Used Video Game Service

    Best Buy's trade-in program is the latest in its efforts to increase its gaming edge. Its magazine, @Gamer, is already sold in all Best … Read the whole story

  • Licorice Co. Launches Social Media Campaign

    The site, which went live Friday, is closely tied to Facebook and Twitter (users can use Facebook Connect login to begin posting), and a … Read the whole story

  • Which City's The Best For LGBT Travelers?

    The nominations lead up to a series of awards in the fourth quarter based on consumer voting online and through Facebook and Twitter. When … Read the whole story

  • Chrysler Pitches Fiat To Its Dealers

    "At this point we are looking for separate showrooms only; down the road as we roll out the full line of Fiat vehicles, we … Read the whole story