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Friday, December 31, 2010
  • Food, Beverages, Social Media Dominate '10 News

    Although we cover a dozen or so industries from automotive to electronics to retail, when it comes to attracting readers to our stories -- … Read the whole story

  • Social Media Much? My Most-Read Stories Last Year

    My most-read story in 2010 was about social media. No! Wait. Really? Social media? No surprise, social was the "it" platform for marketers in … Read the whole story

  • New Technologies, Media Platforms Pull Readers In

    If there's a new technology or media platform that can enable marketing programs, Marketing Daily readers want to know about it, judging from the … Read the whole story

  • Beyonce Blows 'Em Away; Travel Stories Rule

    There's no power like star power, as evidenced by the attention Marketing Daily readers paid to a story about superstar Beyoncé Knowles starring in … Read the whole story

  • Food For Thought: Social Media Innovations Galore

    Twenty eleven saw food/beverage and restaurant brands pulling out the innovation stops in response to economy-driven "new normal" behaviors -- the former to combat … Read the whole story

  • Industry Readers Ask: Who Spends And How Much?

    When it comes to what consumers do when they go shopping, Marketing Daily readers want to know two things: Who's spending (especially if it's … Read the whole story

  • Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year to all our readers. We will be celebrating the dawn of 2011 tonight and we'll be right back here on Monday, … Read the whole story

  • Facebook To Marketers: Are We There Yet?

    Until corporations are willing to align their legal definition as "individuals" with their long-term corporate interests, one should not expect much more of the … Read the whole story