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Wednesday, September 28, 2011
  • J&J VP At OMMA: Brands Must Still Think Like People

    The media business may be getting more and more automated, with algorithms determining everything from media mix to creative, but Kim Kadlec, speaking at … Read the whole story

  • Beefing Up The Brand At Wendy's

    When brands find they are losing sales, share, and profits, there are three well-used approaches that usually get served up right away. Read the whole story

  • Halloween Happenings At 10-Year High

    Seven in 10 Americans, or 69.6%, will celebrate, up from 63.8% in last year's survey. Spending is also expected to rise, with the average … Read the whole story

  • Logo Logistics: Upgrade Or Leave Alone?

    If you've been considering an overhaul, perhaps you fit one of these scenarios. Read the whole story

  • Get'cher Free-Range, Organic Chicken Salad Sammy

    The new eateries at Madison Square Garden cleave -- at least thematically -- to the traditional idea of stadium food as one-hand friendly, with … Read the whole story

  • Deloitte: Holiday Shoppers May Defy Economy

    A new holiday spending forecast from Deloitte predicts a 2.5 to 3% gain this holiday season, with November through January retail sales expected to … Read the whole story

  • 7-Eleven Offers CofFREE Day, Facebook Game

    The promotion targets everyone who likes a "fresh, piping-hot cup of coffee," says Nancy Smith, 7-Eleven VP of marketing and guest experience. "It's an … Read the whole story

  • Against IPhone 5, Android Must Emphasize Speed

    Now that it looks like the release of a new Apple iPhone is imminent (the company has invited the press to its headquarters next … Read the whole story