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Monday, November 28, 2011
  • Samsung Mobile Campaign Mocks 'Gotta Haves'

    "We've already got millions of people using [it] as their smartphone of choice and comparing it against their friends' devices," says Samsung Mobile's Brian ... Read the whole story

  • Digital Reshapes China, Aids Booming Ad Economy

    The digital media revolution is reshaping Chinese society to help make it one of the fastest-growing advertising economies in the world. Per Group M, ... Read the whole story

  • Black Friday Weekend: Big And Ugly

    Consumers spent a record $52.4 billion on Black Friday weekend, in a spending free-for-all that resulted in mayhem-inspired headlines as well as jingling cash ... Read the whole story

  • McKinsey's Edelman Says Ditch The Funnel

    Speaking at the CMO Council, David Edelman explained that McKinsey has come up with a new model, which it calls the Consumer Decision Journey. ... Read the whole story

  • Anatomy Of A CEO

    The image of the model CEO has changed greatly over the first decade of the 21st century. No longer is there an exact formula ... Read the whole story