Marketing Daily
Friday, December 16, 2011
  • McDonald's Digital Promos Geotarget College Kids

    Recently, McDonald's has been employing CampusLIVE's Surge Marketing, a college-audience-specific platform that engages students with games, challenges and content tied to chances to win … Read the whole story

  • Record Sales Eyed; Walmart, Target Start Slugging

    Looks like there's a little more juice in those jingle bells this season, with the National Retail Federation upgrading its holiday forecast. And as … Read the whole story

  • Toyota: Tis The Season To Be Social

    But they can also get up to $1,000 in $50 increments based on how often the initial message is re-tweeted within 48 hours. Also, … Read the whole story

  • Global Executives Treading Cautiously Into '12

    Respondents were only slightly more optimistic about the global and local economics than they were in 2008, and maintained the same level of optimism … Read the whole story

  • EA Sports Creating Real-World Experiences

    EA Sports is no longer tethered to the virtual world. The brand, known for its celebrity-driven sports games like Madden and the Tiger Woods … Read the whole story

  • Lincoln Launches Dedicated N.Y. Ad Firm

    Max Wolff, chief designer for the brand, speaking at a Lincoln brand confab in New York on Thursday, said for example that a Lincoln … Read the whole story

  • What Is Digital Place-based Media?

    Our industry's tremendous revenue gains over the past couple of years notwithstanding, there is no question that our long-term growth hinges on clarifying what … Read the whole story