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Monday, March 19, 2012
  • Q&A: Gen Y's Youngest Demand Authenticity, Via Text

    New data from, a Web site that connects teens, brands, and causes, shows that this text-centric group is even less into email than … Read the whole story

  • Time Is Not On The CMO's Side

    A CMO who has not evaluated the possibilities of a new top-level domain is already behind the curve. CMOs must clearly articulate their online … Read the whole story

  • American Airlines Teams With Q'VIVA! The Chosen

    American Airlines, the official airline of the show, Q'VIVA! The Chosen, has teamed up with the show's producers to offer fans a chance to … Read the whole story

  • Philadelphia Campaign Lets Philly Talk

    The City of Brotherly Love is ramping up its focus on social media as a way to get the message across that Greater Philadelphia … Read the whole story

  • CPGs: Key Strategic Factors For 2012

    Currently, U.S. consumers are nearly evenly split between those who are feeling more optimistic about the economy and their own financial prospects, and those … Read the whole story

  • Intel: What Would You Do For An Ultrabook?

    Intel tests what people would do for an Ultrabook computer, from breaking societal norms to testing feats of strength, in a new guerilla marketing … Read the whole story

  • Jaguar Launches 'Alive' Road Show

    Supporting the new global ad push, "Alive" starts in Phoenix on April 12 and travels to key U.S. markets throughout the year, according to … Read the whole story

  • What's that smell? Donald Trump!

    Donald Trump is coming up roses, or at least juniper, geranium and tonka leaves. His new fragrance, Success by Trump, is debuting exclusively at … Read the whole story