Marketing Daily
Tuesday, September 18, 2012
  • For Laughing Out Loud, It's A New VW Campaign

    "After our sales success recently; there has just been a lot of chatter both in the press and from our customers," Kevin Mayer, VP … Read the whole story

  • Wonderful Pistachios Unveils New Get Crackin' Ads

    The latest 15-second videos for Wonderful Pistachios -- a $30-million campaign launching Sept. 17 on primetime shows including "Survivor" and "X Factor Results" -- … Read the whole story

  • Tablets Boosting PC Satisfaction Rates

    All those tablets that consumers are buying (and seem pretty happy with) are bolstering the entire personal computer industry. "What we're seeing is improvement … Read the whole story

  • Toys R Us, Walmart Rev Toy Engines

    As the holiday season gets closer, both Toys R Us and Walmart are firing up every retail channel they've got. Toys R Us has … Read the whole story

  • Honda Launches Huge 2013 Accord Push

    RPA, the long-time agency for Honda, rolls out its new palette of advertising for Honda's model-year changeover. The agency, like the automaker, is pretty … Read the whole story

  • Welcome To The All-Channel World

    Ubiquity is YouTube's goal. YouTube doesn't want you to just watch videos and then get on with your life. It wants viewers to stick … Read the whole story