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Monday, October 29, 2012
  • Burt's Bees Deflakes With Billboard, Video

    Each flake was actually a $3 off coupon -- 1,300 in all -- to encourage trial of the product. By the end of the … Read the whole story

  • Denny's Offers 'Hobbit' Menu, Collectibles

    Starting Nov. 6, the fast-casual chain will feature a limited-time menu with 11 items themed to the movie, including a Hobbit Hole Breakfast, Frodo's … Read the whole story

  • General Sentiment: Facebook Tops In Buzz

    Not surprisingly, Facebook is number one in Impact Media Value, partly because of news around its stock being way overvalued. Apple passed Google to … Read the whole story

  • Retailers Ramp Up Windows 8 Programs

    With Microsoft's Windows 8 hitting retail outlets on Friday, the retailers at the forefront of computer purchases (electronics and office supply generally) are ramping … Read the whole story

  • Cesar Canine Cuisine Spotlights Therapy Dogs

    The Mars Petcare US brand is asking consumers to support these dogs through its new "Share a Story and Share the Love" initiative, a … Read the whole story

  • NADA To Automakers: Stop Unfair Business Practices

    The latest Camp David issue is two-tier pricing and mandatory facility upgrades, the former (from the automakers' perspective) a way to motivate slow starters, … Read the whole story

  • If You Play Your Cards Right

    Diners Club must return to its roots and be a genuine club -- not merely by conferring special privileges, but by facilitating conversation among … Read the whole story

  • How Big Data Applications View The World

    It is the inherent job of a Big Data Application to help companies make better decisions and experience better results. BDAs improve user experience, … Read the whole story