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Wednesday, April 10, 2013
  • Behr Paints BuzzFeed

    Behr is going after a younger crowd via a program with social content site BuzzFeed. The company is sponsoring a new DIY BuzzFeed social ... Read the whole story

  • Beech-Nut, Goya Team On Hispanic Baby Food Line

    The introduction of Beech-Nut Goya Baby Food reflects the stats: One-fourth of all births in America today are to Hispanics, and Hispanic families (which ... Read the whole story

  • Westin Weekends Promise Better-Looking Mondays

    Starwood Hotels & Resorts' Westin brand is launching a campaign that focuses on the relaxation the hotel chain can provide. The Westin Weekend will ... Read the whole story

  • More + More Devices = More Multitasking

    "It's impressive how much multitasking is increasing," says Francesco Venturini, broadcast lead for Accenture's media and entertainment group. "Many people [who are] in front ... Read the whole story

  • Philadelphia Spotlights Center City Neighborhoods

    "Philadelphia Neighborhoods" is, per GPTMC, designed to drive overnight visits to the region by spotlighting the restaurants, art galleries, independent shops, music venues, parks, ... Read the whole story

  • NPD: Many Kids Call The Shots In Snacks, Breakfast

    Kids are eating 43 more meals at home per year, on average, than a decade ago, and they are most apt to determine what ... Read the whole story

  • Social Media: A Channel/Tactic, Not A Strategy

    Social media has created some exciting and productive opportunities to engage with prospects that were not possible a few short years ago. Before you ... Read the whole story

  • Optimize Your Online Presence: 5 Tips

    As you search for "pinspiration" on how to finally reorganize your office, consider spring cleaning your online presence. Here are five strategies to get ... Read the whole story